‘Twas the night before FITmas..

FITmas Banner

‘Twas the night before FITmas…
If you struggle during the holiday period to maintain a focus on YOUR health and wellness, you’re not alone! The holiday period can be an extremely busy & indulgent time. Health and fitness are generally not found at the top of the naughty or nice list- but it doesn’t have to be this way.
If your fitness takes a back seat this time of year, you’ll probably identify with the following:
* I’m too busy with preparations to fit exercise in!
* I love the holiday parties, but I overdo the eating (& drinking!)
* Every year on January 1, I think “if only I had kept at it during the holiday..”
If the above phrases ring a few bells, 25 Days of FITmas can help! To enjoy the holiday
celebrations AND maintain a healthy focus, join FITmas and find time efficient wellness strategies you can do individually with or without a gym membership, to keep you on track this December! 
Register to ensure when the festive season draws to a close, you don’t have a mountain to climb to get back in shape. Plus you can earn prizes!
Ways to earn FITmas prizes:
Download the PDF : 25 Days of FITmas Calendar.
Weekly raffle winner for registered participants will be posted each Saturday!
Top 3 participants with the most participation (FIT tips & FITmas Challenges) will be posted January 2!
Here’s to a very Merry & Wellr December,

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