It All Starts With a Goal.


It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas, and while letting it all go and practicing good tidings of comfort and joy sound appealing, don’t spend the month of December sledding down a hill you’ll have to hike back up in January.

December can send you into a spiral of hot-toddied laced guilt and pounding sleigh bells OR propel you towards those goals you’ve set in an explosion of glitter and Mariah-Carey tunes- the best part? You get to decide. December can be the most wonderful time of the year. Think it sounds too daunting?Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle ; 25 Days of FITmas has you covered and it all starts with one thing: a goal.

But wait, it’s December, aren’t “goals” supposed to be saved for January and that little movement we keep hearing about? That whole “New Years Resolution” thing? Sure, you can sit back and wait until January to set these goals. However, by waiting, there’s no lead time to set yourself up for success. No foundation. There’s no prep tune and we are forced to jump all in on January 1st and sadly, quickly lose momentum. (According to U.S. News, 80% of goals set in January fail by the 2nd week of February!)

What if we looked at our goals differently to avoid becoming part of that 80%? What if instead of quickly writing out what we want to magically appear in 2019, we strategically thought about what we want, and envisioned how it would feel to have these things? What if we took December to make TINY shifts in our thinking and behavior that would have massive impact in January? What if we shared these thoughts with others chasing their own goals and became each others’ hype-girls?

Livewellr is literally here for it.

Let’s get clear.

Take a minute to write down your goal in one or two sentences. Once you have written it down, ask yourself question- why? Why is this goal important to you? Write down the “why” that came to mind. Then follow-up with this “why” again- why? Keep this process going until you have one BOLD( & super clear) why that will become your “word” (or phrase) for 2019.

Here’s what this looks like: 

I want to run a full marathon. Why? I want to challenge myself. Why? I love the feeling of pushing past my perceived limits and accomplishing something I didn’t know I was capable of. Why? I want to grow.

2019: Year of GROWTH.

With this WHY, the original goal is really a stepping stone towards a greater goal of growth. Growth is the journey.

Try the exercise- what is your “word” or phrase for 2019? (Comment below)

With this word in mind, create a plan of action. 

Reverse engineer your end goal. Working backwards, what actions can you take that will ultimately lead you to your goal?

Taking the marathon example:

  1. Sign up for marathon
  2. Join a running group
  3. Increase distance of runs by 2 miles each week

Not all of the above actions take a lot of work. However, each one has a meaningful impact on reaching the end goal. Without signing up, how would you run a marathon?! No step is too small on the journey.

Your plan of action steps should all resonate with the single word created by getting clear on your goal.

Complete the goal setting worksheet.

The goal setting worksheet is set up to help you create specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goals. With a clear concept of your goal (your word) and action steps that are in alignment this should feel liberating- like you took those pee-wee pads off and are headed for the NFL- congrats girl!

Now go do. 

You’ve got your goal. You’ve got your word to carry you through those times when you want to give up. Repeat it like a mantra. You’ve (hopefully) got action steps, like a to-do list, that will drop you off on the goal doorstep.

Lastly, you’ve got your best life hype-girl in your corner.

Go get ’em Pretty!









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