The Conspiracy Theory.

The Universe conspires to give you what you want.

“Whoa, that’s a bold statement Courtney”. You’re right, it is but I’ll actually even venture further out on this limb and say the Universe actually even conspires to give the best of what you want.

The thing that throws us off, is that the Universe doesn’t give these things to us the way that we want.

In my experience, the Universe teaches us the lessons we need in order to provide us the lessons crucial to earning the things we want. It first gives us tests to determine if deep down, the vision we are searching for is what we want. It dares us to prove it. This usually involves pushing through a struggle, plodding on despite things that may deter with any less desires than us, and then just before the spot where no individual, no matter how determined would quit, awards us with our true desire!

Case in point:

I went through one of the hardest seasons of my life a few years back. I was in love with an individual who lived in San Francisco. While the universe was conspiring to lead me to the goal that I ultimately wanted (love), it was also resisting the means to which I was trying to achieve the goal. The universe was sending signal after signal to stop chasing San Francisco, not because it may not have been a great city for me, but because the love I was moving there for was not meant for me.

I’m not kidding when I say I  was met with an overwhelming amount of resistance. Jobs that I was overly qualified for turned me down. One interview I flew into San Fran for, actually told me they didn’t have time for the interview!  I’ll never forget the night I knelt beside my bed, crying my eyes out after yet another rejection. Between heaving sobs, I remember saying to myself, “quit trying to use force, let what will be, be.”  From that pleading night forward, an immediate shift began.

What I had been asking the universe for was a loving, caring, partner to share my life with. The universe had so much more for me than the person I was moving to San Francisco for, and knew that this move would only prolong a relationship that was not mine to have.

I ended up following a huge opportunity in the Pacific Northwest, and opened up my own retail business. Getting outdoors became a way of relieving stress and connecting with myself. I began owning who I was and enjoying cultivating new experiences. One of which was meeting new people. I followed these crumbs of enjoyment, all the way to a 17 hour, 12 mile hike with a handsome man who in a few months, I get to call my husband!

Without the trials and tribulations the Universe threw at me, I wouldn’t be marrying the most supportive, caring and downright hilarious men I’ve ever met. If my original “demands” had been met, I probably would have spent more years following a path designed for someone else that would have left me no where near as excited to wake up each day.

Whatever you’re going through, remember this:  there’s a point when you’ll want to give up and just on the other side is where all the good stuff lies. The tougher the lesson feels, the closer you are to the universe sending you what you want- just maybe tied up in a different (and far more glorious) package!

A few words of advice:

Get really clear on what you want -not how you’re going to get it. Leave that to the pro.

Don’t eat the peanuts. When you notice that peanuts aren’t “working” for your system or that you’re having a bad reaction, quit eating the peanuts. Try the popcorn.  The world’s full of too many other foods that will leave you feeling full and nourished. There’s a difference between fighting the Universe or listening to it’s lessons.

Focus on YOU. What lights you up and makes you happy? Focus on developing your happiness first and not tying it to an outside circumstance.

Whatever you’re going through, know just on the other side of all the heartaches and lessons lies the very best for you- I promise.



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